Brothers From Jodhpur Crack NEET Together, Younger Brother Gets Better Rank

Healthy competition and a bit of inspiration is the secret recipe of the Rathore brothers both of whom have managed to crack one of the toughest exams in the country – NEET. Residents of Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, Mukesh Rathore, and Pankaj Rathore are two brothers who took NEET 2022 and both of them are now set to become doctors. While this was the first attempt of younger brother Mukesh, the elder one – Pankaj could not clear NEET last year.

Mukesh got 690 marks out of 720 in his first attempt and secured an All India Rank of 256 and has stood 4th among students from SC category. The elder brother Pankaj got AIR 537.

Pankaj claims that last year due to stress and uncertainty related to the Covid-19 pandemic, he could not give his best shot last year, however, having his younger brother preparing for the same exam kept him on his toes this year.

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“Because of Covid, I was disturbed, hence my preparation was not well last year so I decided to take a drop year and prepared thoroughly,” said Pankaj. The elder brother’s efforts paid off for the younger one who saw a pathway from his brother’s endeavors and decided to follow the medical line.

For Mukesh, his elder brother did serve as an inspiration to appear for NEET, but what kept him going was the will “to help others, and serve the society.”

To prepare for NEET, both the brothers joined Utkarsh Classes, both brothers began their NEET preparation journey after they cleared class 10.

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The brother duo sometimes used to study together. Since Pankaj had already had a year more for preparation as he appeared for the exam in 2021 as well, Mukesh and he mostly studied separately. Their strategies, however, were similar.

Rathore brothers said they focused more on short notes, and daily revisions. “For NEET preparations, we used to take short notes, did daily revisions, and did a lot of mock tests,” said Mukesh.

“Initially I did not prepare much but later I increased my study timings. Sometimes me and my brother we used to study together,” says Mukesh while Pankaj used to go to the nearby library every evening and self-studied for the medical entrance.

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The 17-year-old Mukesh is now hoping to pursue his medical studies at AIIMS, New Delhi, 18-year-old Pankaj has his eyes on any state-level top government medical college.

Both the brothers also share the same hobby of playing cricket, however, in the last two months before appearing for NEET, they concentrated solely on the exam. The duo also scored similar marks in class 12 with Mukesh scoring 96 per cent in 12th and Pankaj 96.8 per cent. Now they aim at becoming doctors together.

Their father works at a clothing shop and a e-Mitra kiosk member in Rajasthan, their mother is a tailor.

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