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Hey everyone, in today’s blog, we talk about CSC Digipay – What is CSC Digipay, How to download CSC Digipay, How to Login into CSC Digipay, etc. all in one place to read today’s blog till the end for full information

as you know that if you want to start financial services in CSC, you want to Registration as CSC DIGIPAY Registration to start the whole services with the services you can withdraw money from any bank, you can transfer money to any bank account, you can link to aadhar with a bank account, and you can also check the money of bank account, etc. services and give the benefit of this service to all citizen publicly

CSC Digipay Download

You can simply download the CSC Digipay Service by clicking below Download Link as the latest news Digipay hold stop all service for temporary maintenance. Still, It can be available and working soon. You will get a notification from officials after the service starts again

till then, you can wait to restart the service, but in some cases, CSC Digipay the payment Withdraw service and all payment-related services work perfectly, and it’s free to use, so you can Download the CSC Digipay simply by the Download Link

after downloading the Software, you need to install the software perfectly, and we provide below a proper Installation Guide on how you can download the software and how you can install the software

Some Important Links for CSC Digipay Service

🔥 CSC Digipay 6.5 Download 🔥CLICK HERE
🔥 CSC Official Website 🔥CLICK HERE
Some Important Links for CSC Digipay Service

CSC Digipay 6.5 New Version Cash Deposit Service Working or Not?

The Digipay Release the Latest version, 6.5v, and the latest version, Digipay Release the New features with the New service you can Deposit Money to any bank with New CSC Digipay. If you want to use this feature, you need to install the latest version first on your Computer and Mobile phone. After that, you can use the Service.

If you Want to download the latest version, simply click on Download Button – Download Now

How to Download CSC Bank Mitra ID Card?

So now let’s talk About how you can Download the CSC Bank Mitra ID Card. During this pandemic condition, our E-Govt started the Bank Mitra ID Card because with the help of This ID Card, the CSC VLE can travel in lockdown period for VLE Related works.

If you are a CSC VLE and you want to start your own CSC Bank Mitra Center, you need these essential documents to use the Bank Mitra center without any interruption. Also you need to stick the ID card and Certificate at the Center its compulsory

  • to download the ID Card you need to enter Your CSC-ID and Pan Number.
How to Download CSC Bank Mitra ID Card?
How to Download CSC Bank Mitra ID Card?

Services Provided by CSC Digipay

  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit Coming Soon…..
  • Bill Pay
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Money Transfer
  • Aadhar To Aadhar Fund Transfer Coming Soon…..

Whats New Features in New version of Digipay

In this new version, the team fixes all common errors or bugs and adds some new essential services, Now in this software, you can use all banking-related services without any interruption in a seamless way.

  • Money Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Bill Payments etc
  • Balance Information After Withdrawing Money.

Now use CSC Digipay in Mobile Phone

as you know, with the Brand new CSC Digipay mobile application you can check Account balance and do any type of recharge. Also can withdrawal and deposit money in any bank account etc

with the help of CSC Digipay Mobile application, you can use all these services on Mobile Device without any Computer or AEPS Digipay Software.

if you need to use all services on a mobile device, simply download the app from the play store and use it after login or register your credentials

Comment down below your experience with the brand new app after the use

CSC Digipay Mobile App Download Link

the CSC Digipay app is available on Google Play Store for all mobile devices, so You can simply download the application for Mobile Phone from the Play Store by clicking DownBelow on Download Button

CSC Digipay Mobile App Download Link

Important Points

  • First, download the CSC Digipay Mobile App by clicking the download link
  • Now first check your Mobile device is supporting OTG or not because OTG Support is mandatory for using this Software
  • Before installing the software, you need to check the Fingerprint scanner is proper working or not
  • To use the USB fingerprint Device, first download the essential software to use the Fingerprint Device
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Registration Process of CSC Digipay

  • After downloading digipay app Open the app
  • if your Fingerprint device not working simply open the Fingerprint Software
  • and now allow your Fingerprint device to work with your mobile Device
  • now you need to register yourself on this portal, for registration simply click on Register button and submit your aadhar number
  • now fill your right User ID and Password and click on check box of terms and conditions, Hit the process button
  • now verify yourself with a OTP send on your registered Mobile Number
  • at next page you will see your all details like your name bank account etc simply check all details was correct or not
  • and click on next button and place your finger on fingerprint device after device blink with Light
  • after veryfy yourself with fingerprint you can use the app
  • Its done congratulation now you sussecfuly Registerd

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