बड़ी खुशखबरी ! अब आधार कार्ड प्रिंट होगा बिना आधार OTP के || E-aadhar Print Portal Launched

1. Introduction to e- Aadhaar

An e- Aadhaar number basically refers to the 12-digit figure that is printed on the card issued to Indian residents by the Unique Identification Authority of India through a verification process. In order to apply for the-Aadhaar card, residents have to submit demographic details such as name, gender, age, date of birth, and residential address. Apart from this, biometric information including fingerprints, iris scan and facial photographs are taken.

2. Benefits of e-Aadhaar Card

  • e-Aadhaar card is an electronic card and is available online hence can be accessed at all times, and individuals need not have to worry about losing their card as it is virtual and cannot be misplaced. 
  • e-Aadhaar card is a universal identity card can be procured by all residents of India. This card acts as a proof of identity as well as address, unlike most other documents. 
  • Individuals can also open bank accounts by using their Aadhaar card. 

3. Steps of Generating a Payment Authentication Code (PAC)

Step 1: Visit the website https://digitalseva.csc.gov.in/ and click on ‘Login Now’ button.


Figure 1

Step 2: Digital Seva Portal is integrated with CSC Connect, hence the user needs to login via CSC Connect through their valid credentials and press SIGN IN button to login the portal as shown below.


Step 3: Post Login, under the ‘Aadhaar Services’, click on ‘Aadhaar PAC Code’ tab.

image 1

Figure 3

Step 4: Now, User will be redirected to the ‘Assisted e-Aadhaar’ Portal of CSC https://registration.csc.gov.in/eaadhaarprint/ .

image 2

Click on ‘Connect with Digital Seva’ button, for purchasing of a PAC Code as shown below:

Step 5: Operator ID will appear automatically. click on ‘Buy Now’ button.

Note- Keep your operator ID for login e Aadhaar portal.

image 3

Figure 5

Step 6: For Payment, Click on ‘PAY NOW’ button as shown below:

image 4

Step 7: Click on ‘Proceed to Wallet’ button.

Rs 22.39 – VLE Share and Rs 7.61 – Amount which will be deducted from the VLEs Wallet

image 5

Figure 7

Step 8: Enter the Wallet Pin and click on ‘Pay’ button.

image 6

Step 9: A PAC code (16 Digit) will be generated for every successful payment as shown below:

image 7

Figure 9

4. Steps of downloading e-Aadhaar 

Step 1: Visit the website https://eassisted.uidai.gov.in

Step2: Enter the Username/Aadhaar No, Password and Captcha Code displayed on the screen.

Note: In Username field, user has to enter the Operator ID and the default Password for all users will be – admin@

image 8

Step 3:  Now VLE has to select the option through which he wants to download the beneficiary e Aadhaar.  VLE can use either beneficiary Aadhaar number, Enrolment ID or Virtual ID.

Step4: After selecting particular option, VLE is required to click on ‘Send OTP’ button to receive one -time password (OTP). The OTP will be sent to the Registered Mobile number for the given Aadhaar number, Enrolment ID or Virtual ID.

image 9

Step 5: Now enter the OTP received by beneficiary and the PAC CODE for downloading of eAadhaar

Step 6: After clicking on ‘Verifying and Download’ button, the e- Aadhaar card of beneficiary will be downloaded. VLE will hand a colour print of downloaded e-Aadhaar to the customer/resident and collect Rs 30 in return.

image 10

FAQ – e- Aadhaar Print Service

Que 1–What is PAC Code?

Ans- PAC Code stands for Payment Authentication Code and User can download e- Aadhaar only after successful generation of PAC Code.

Que 2- How to generate PAC Code?

Ans – To generate PAC User has to visit website https://registration.csc.gov.in/eaadhaarprint/and click on Login button, after login User has to click on “Aadhaar PAC Code” tab under “Aadhaar Services “from where User will be redirected at:


Que 3 – How many digits are there in a PAC Code?

Ans-  PAC Code has 16 digits which will be generated after every successful payment completed.

Que 4 – Maximum Number of PAC Code User can generate in a day?

Ans – User can generate only 50 PAC Code in a day.

Que 5-  From where User can download e- Aadhaar?

Ans – User can download e- Aadhaar from website https://eassisted.uidai.gov.in after  Successful purchasing of PAC Code.

Que 6 – What is user ID and Password to download e – Aadhaar?

Ans-     User Name:User Name is the User Aadhaar No.

             Password: admin@

Que 7 – Will User be able to download anyone e- Aadhaar?

Ans –    No, User will be only able to download e- Aadhaar of those residents whose Aadhaar Number is linked with their Mobile number as without OTP user can’t download any e- Aadhaar.

Que 8 – How much amount will User collect from resident to download e- Aadhaar?

Ans-     The service charge to be collected from the resident per e-Aadhaar print would be @  Rs 30 inclusive of all taxes.

Que 9 –  What is penalty for violation of UIDAI guidelines?

Ans-     Any violation of UIDAI guidelines would lead to a penalty of Rs 50000 per instance.

Que10 -What is guidelines to print e- Aadhaar?

Ans-      The print out should be in colour on an A4 sheet.

Que 11- What is commission for User to download e- Aadhaar?

Ans –        User will get Rs. 22.39 at per downloaded e- Aadhaar.

Que 12-  How much amount is deducted from Wallet to generate Single PAC Code?

Ans –    Rs. 7.61 is deducted from Wallet to generate single PAC Code.

Que 13-  What if any user did not receive User ID and Password to download e- Aadhaar? 

Ans –     User can mail or contact their state team for the same. Contact details of state team given below:


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