Fewer Students From Tamil Nadu Pass NEET This Year, Only Two in Top 50

Despite more students showing up than in previous years, Tamil Nadu is falling behind in passing the NEET. When compared to the previous two years, the pass rate has decreased this year.

According to the latest data, in comparison to last year, Tamil Nadu’s NEET pass percentage fell by 6 per cent this year. Last year, 99,610 people took the NEET, and 57,215 of them passed. This indicates that 57.43 per cent of applicants passed the NEET exam in 2021, however, this year only 51.28 per cent did so. Only 67,787 candidates of the 1,32,167 applicants who took the exam this year were successful.

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This is in stark contrast with natinal performance. Across India, 9.93 lakh candidates out of the 17.64 lakh applicants who took the NEET undergraduate exams passed and had 56.3 per cent as pass percentage. Over the past years, the total pass rate has increased.

Rise in Students Taking NEET in Tamil-mode

In 2019 only 1,017 people applied to write the exam in Tamil. While 17,101 persons registered for the NEET exam in 2020, as many as 19,868 people did so in 2021. This figure rose to 31,965 in 2022.

Two From Tamil Nadu in Top 50

Tanishka, a student from Haryana who studied in Rajasthan has emerged as the topper of this year’s NEET undergraduate exam. She passed the NEET exam with a score of 715 out of 720, or 99.99 per cent followed by Vatsa Ashish Batra and Hrishikesh Nagbhushan Gangule, who also received 715 out of 720.

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Of the top 50 students, only two are from Tamil Nadu. Thridev Vinayaka, from Madurai, who belongs to the OBC-NCL category, stood first, securing an all-India rank of 30. His grade was 705 out of 720. The next student, Harini, came in at position 43, securing 702 marks.

The NEET exam was cleared by 4,29,160 male students and 5,63,902 female students. More females than boys have passed the medical entrance exam this time.

‘Looking for Exemption From NEET’

According to educationalists, the pass percentage of students in the NEET has dropped drastically compared to the last few years. Lack of awareness and inadequate training are being attributed among various other reasons for this.

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“We are always looking for ways to get exempt from the NEET, which was instituted under the Edappadi Palanisamy regime. We will undoubtedly soon receive an exemption from the NEET. Work is still being done,” said Tamil Nadu Health Minister Ma Subramanian.

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