JugJugg Jeeyo movie review

JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Randy and bawdy, Varun Dhawan-Kiara Advani film dilutes its big ideas


JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor star in the film. Varun Dhawan and Varun Dhawan are also featured. The Kiara Advani movie focuses on the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, which features opulent sets, wedding naach–gaana, and plenty of drama.

It is still a very novel concept in mainstream Bollywood to see lovers looking through rose-tinted eyes and becoming loveless partners. Kuldeep, aka Kukoo Singi ( Varun Dawan), and Naina Sharma (Kiara Advani), find themselves smiling more than smiling, JugJugg Jeeyo feels like a setup for modern-day post-marriage shenanigans.

The film takes the story to a new level when Bhim (Anil Kapoor), and Geeta [Neetu Kaplan] find themselves at the brink. It is a radical idea for a Hindi film, to entertain the notion that Papaji the provider or Mummyji can imagine a happy-never after.

We haven’t forgotten the deep need for conservatism that is at the heart this Raj Mehta movie under the Dharma banner. It takes one step forward and one back, keeping all those wild ideas in control and making everything a joke that ends with a thunk. We don’t want to be taken seriously even though we have serious ideas. All we want to do is make you laugh. That’s the guiding principle behind the film as it dilutes its big ideas.

JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: It is hard to imagine what it could have been if it had not been with Kukoo & Naina in Toronto. They are both in power-suits and trying to climb the corporate ladder. He is working low-paying jobs and doing a bad job of being mean to each other. “JugJugg Jeeyo” is in a hurry to get back to Patiala where the marriage between ‘choti’ Ginny and ‘Prajakta Koli’ is taking place. Everyone needs to behave well until it’s over.

It is the same old. Every time the film gets serious and spiky, it falls back to the Big Fat Punjabi Wedding, complete with lavish sets, wedding dresses,’shor–sharaaba’, ‘naach–gaana’, and other extravagant attire. It does. In a few very impressive sequences, Kukoo & Naina fight each other and the slanging match has weight. In another, Naina & Geeta share deepest feelings and create a sorority.

The film’s loud and determinedly joyful aesthetic, which is very similar to Mehta’s ‘Good Newwz,’ sweeps these unpleasant granular emotions under a carpet, giving them just enough space to emerge from underneath. The rest is up to the background music and melodrama. It all comes back to the same old dictum:’Shaadi’ means ‘barbaadi, wives become boring after marriage, and long-term relationships are equal parts compromise, more compromise, haww divorcing, chhee. Tisca Chopra, an independent woman, is given a quick tap on her wrist for choosing to love her own company. It’s hard to believe that the women were not given more tasks. Neetu Kapoor’s Geeta could have been a bit more brave: it is clear that her separation from home and hearth was temporary. Koli, a new entrant leaves a mark and Advani is in my prayers for a break out role.

Like Mehta’s previous film which stayed true to its outlandish premise, the film works best when it is completely committed to being raunchy and bawdy. Maniesh Paul plays Gurpreet, the local stud, who is wearing co-ordinated sets and owns a gym. He also keeps money in his drawer and beer in his locker. It’s a great film. Anil Kapoor and Varun Dawan confess to the famous Patiala pegs-and-leg. The latter is a surprising low-grade moocher. Anil Kapoor is the star of the show as he switches between loving father and husband and timorous man about-town.

Baaki tay is your Bollywood family drama and it must end well. Is it so serious? Giddha shiddha paao, mauj manao.

  • JugJugg Jeeyo movie cast : Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor. Varun Dhawan. Kiara Advani. Maniesh Paul. Prajakta Koli. Tisca Chopra.
  • JugJugg Jeeyo movie director: Raj Mehta
  • JugJugg Jeeyo movie rating: 2.5 stars

JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Entertaining and emotional tale featuring good-looking people

JugJugg Jeeyo review JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Varun Dhawan, Kira Advani, Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor bring a fun family drama to life.

JugJugg Jeeyo is a place where everyone wears designer clothes. You’ll find blingy jackets and suits, as well as lehengas. The unapologetic Punjabi humor is a source of genuine laughter. Every 10 minutes, there’s a song or dance for every occasion. All this is done with attractive people in every frame. Raj Mehta (who last directed Good Newwz in 2019), again directs a group of Punjabi people from Patiala.

The film opens with a story about a childhood love story between Kukoo Saini ( Varun Dawan), and Naina Sharma( Kiara Abvani), with Naina’s brother Gurpeet (Maniesh Paul), unknowingly playing the role of the wingman. Kukoo proposes Naina to Naina, with a temporary tattoo that says: Will you marry? – Yes or no We are soon introduced to Kukoo’s Punjabi family, including dad Bheem, mom Geeta, and sister Ginny (Prajakta Koli) through a lavish ceremony and song sequence. Five years later, we learn that Kukoo & Naina have been in a relationship for five years and are seeking a divorce. They agree to pretend that they are happily married for Ginny’s sake. The couple are considering separation but they will be even more shocked when senior family members decide to end their terrible marriage.

Bollywood has made many films about marriages breaking down and JugJugg jeeyo too talks a lot about’shaadike baadsab mal jaata hai’. But it’s the treatment that is a bit different this time with an attempt at getting into the details of how a 35-year-old marriage and a 5-year marriage can have the same fate.

From the opening scene to the final credits, the film keeps you interested in the Saini family’s happy and sad times. There are no dull moments. The story of Anurag Singh and Rishabh Sharma’s dialogues blend well to create situations that will make you smile, laugh, feel connected with the characters, and all this while incorporating a lot naach gaana. Even in the most difficult scenes, there are moments of humor that don’t seem forced-fit or misplaced. That’s what I loved about the film.

We see three of the men in the family, Kukoo and Gurpeet, dancing with Russian girls at a bachelor’s party. Ginny, who is having a pre-wedding bash, accidentally kisses her ex-boyfriend, whom she still loves. In the same world, Naina and her mom are at a Kirtan where Guru Ma performs a puja to ensure Naina is pregnant. This section is particularly enjoyable for the many nuances each character takes and how they deal with their own problems. These moments are too relatable and real in today’s world.

JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Randy and bawdy, Varun Dhawan-Kiara Advani film dilutes its big ideas
JugJugg Jeeyo movie review: Randy and bawdy, Varun Dhawan-Kiara Advani film dilutes its big ideas

You almost feel like you just heard a Ted Talk when the scenes between Kiara & Neetu are so powerful. After a long absence, Neetu is back on the screen and brings calm to every scene. Surprisingly, and thankfully, she’s not the loud Punjabi mom Bollywood has made popular for so long. Like her husband, she is subtle, rational, and pragmatic about living life. Kiara also delivers a calm performance that brings out the right amount of emotions. She is a self-made, career-oriented, and independent woman, but she also values family ties. This makes her character very believable.

Varun and Anil, on the other hand, bring the house down with their infectious energy. Anil, the modern-day father, is calm and doesn’t hesitate to confide in his son about his extra marital affair. He also brings out shades of good and evil in his character. Varun brings life to complex characters while dealing with dysfunctional families, dysfunctional marriages and, his own inadequacies. He isn’t too fanciful and adds a freshness to the screen.

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Prajakta Koli is a promising debutant and she does a good job in the few scenes that she has. Maniesh Paul adds a touch of humor to the film, making things seem a little heavier. His comic punches are spot on and I have to say that he has some of my favorite one-liners. Although they may seem a bit bizarre to some, his references to Transformers and Avengers are funny.

JugJugg Jeeyo, a family entertainer, talks about choosing relationships to over self-interest. However, it’s not preachy. JugJugg jeeyo is a comedy drama that uses humor to bring out laughter, and there are no vulgar jokes or slapstick humor. It’s a typical commercial potboiler that you would call paisa vasool.

  • Film by JugJugg Jeeyo
  • Cast: Anil Kaoor, Varun Dhawan and Varun Singh, Kiara Advani. Maniesh Paul, Prajaktakoli.
  • Direction: Raj Mehta

JugJugg Jeeyo Movie Review: Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor’s father-son act is jhakkas in this family entertainer

JugJugg Jeeyo Movie Review: Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor’s father-son act is jhakkas in this family entertainer :

Raj Mehta’s JugJugg Jeeyo, starring Varun Dawan, Kiara Advani, and Neetu Kapoor, is a charming rom-com. Our review found that the film had its fair share of flaws.


  • Raj Mehta directs JugJugg Jeeyo, a romantic comedy.
  • The film was released in theatres worldwide on June 24, 2012.
  • Lead roles are played by Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor as well as Kiara Advani, Neetu Kapoor and Kiara Advani.

It is all about loving your family. JugJugg Jeeyo is about keeping the family together. Raj Mehta’s approach to the problem of keeping love alive within a marriage is reminiscent of the big ensemble family dramas of the 2000s.

Kuku (Varun Dawan) and Naina (Kiara Advani’s) five-year-old marital relationship is in danger of ending. The former’s parents, Bheem and Neetu Kapoor, are also in similar mental states. Kuku’s sister is still pleading for her ex at her mandap. There is also an extra-marital affair. To keep the pace moving, there are many jokes and punches. Director’s job is to give everyone equal opportunities and ensure that no one takes over the other’s moments.

JugJugg Jeeyo is proud to be able to show off the talent of all its stars in the best possible way. Varun Dhawan’s wacky antics and his charm for Kiara are a sign that the director knows how to play to his strengths. Mehta makes the most of Anil Kapoor’s versatility by giving him some of his best scenes and dialogues. The overenthusiastic, ageless actor is determined to make the most of this moment.

Varun and Kiara’s chemistry is refreshing. Unlike most rom-coms she’s not reduced to a prop. She has strong scenes that show a new side of her. Maniesh Paul is an expert at bringing out the lighter moments. Neetu Kapoor is a joy to watch on the big screen. The scene she shares with Kiara sitting on a bench looking out over the lake is one of the highlights of the film.

The film is too long and doesn’t have much to show for the Punjabi wedding fun. Some scenes could easily be adapted for an Ekta Kapoor soap. Loud background music and loud dialogue can be heard at levels that exceed the normal decibel level.

Jug Jugg Jeeyo’s core message is about saving a marriage, realizing that you can make compromises and still have self-respect. Raj Mehta, the director, manages to bring the subject matter to life with humor, sarcasm, and wit. The film, like all marriages is imperfect and has its fair shares of flaws. But those flaws make it worthwhile.

Jugjugg Jeeyo Review: Neetu Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani’s Film Is Entertaining But Not Insightful

Jugjuggjeeyo Review – Neetu Kapoor moves through the film with striking poise. Anil Kapoor deserves our full praise.

  • Cast –Neetu and Anil Kapoors, Kiara Advani, Varun, Maniesh Pauls, Tisca Chopra, Prajakta Koli, Anil Kapoors, Anil Kapoors, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Varun Dawans, Maniesh Pauls, Prajakta Koli
  • Director: Raj Mehta
  • Rating2 stars (out 5)

It sounds like a hilarious saga with the potential for a laugh riot. But only a fraction of this is being tapped. Jugjugg Jueyo is a production of Viacom18 Studios and Dharma Productions. It uses loud music, garish sets and confusing screenplays to tell a story about the dangers of drifting marriages.

If one was to be kind, the plot’s confusing ways approximate the confusions faced by the characters. They struggle to decide if the institution is worth their time as they attempt to determine the pros and cons to marriage. They are unable to find the right words and they lose sight of the script.

This is not the case for the principal actors: Neetu, Varun Dhawan, and Kiara Advani, as well as Anil Kapoor, Varun Dawan, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Madvani, Prajakta Sharma, and Varun Dhawan. It is important that they keep up with the pace of a film that leaves no time for pauses. The cast seems to enjoy the ride as the story moves along. The cast’s sustained joy rubs off on the story to a certain extent.

Jugjugg Jueyo is directed by Raj Mehta. It’s about an older man and his son. Their marriages are fraught with difficulties even though their daughter/sister is ready to marry. With a host of secrets, the family gathers in Patiala to celebrate the nuptials.

One character says to another ” Dabaa Ke rakhna nahi – emotion and motion“. Jugjugg Jugjugg takes this suggestion seriously and packs in as much as it can within its 150 minutes. The film’s length is not the problem. The problem is the excessive, clunky overload that makes it too long.

Raj Mehta’s prior directorial, Good Newwz (2019), was also from Dharma Productions. It was about a couple trying to conceive. Jugjugg Jueyo has the same tone as his debut film. It is about two married couples trying to preserve their marriage, but extended family members are unable to remind the younger married woman that it’s time to have children.

Kabhi Khaushi Kabhie Gham was about “loving your parents”, Jugjugg Jeeyo was about “hating your spouse”. The film’s first four sequences include a wedding. The film does not lavish on it, which is why the film treats it with such low-key care: there are bigger and more extravagant weddings in the future.

Five years later, it’s the same story. Kuldeep Kuku’ Saini (Varun Dawan) and Naina — Naina Sharma [Kiara Advani] fell in love while the boy was still wearing his knickers. They have since drifted apart, even though they live together in Toronto.

The lady is an HR professional with a lot of potential; the guy is a nightclub bouncer looking for work. The former has her career sorted out; the latter is unsure what the next day will bring. Kuku and Naina are driven to divorce by regrets and recriminations.

The young couple decide to delay announcing their separation until Ginny, the sister of the former, (Prajaktakoli) has taken place. There are still some issues that the girl needs to resolve before she can get married. This is not all. Their parents, Bheem Saini and Geeta Singh (Anil Kapoor), seem to be a happy couple.

Jugjugg is a comedy that combines laughter and emotion. After a calm first half, the second half plunges into a turbulent and full of revelations and cover-ups. Men blame women; women don’t suffer silently, and confrontations between younger couples turn into loud slanging matches.

The war(s), of words that erupts between Bheem and his resentful child quickly spirals outof control. Mawkishness is always in sight. Jugjugg Jueyo goes all out with emotional overload and sends contradictory signals about the theme of man-woman relationships within the limits of marriage.

The secretive actions of the two married couples and the bride-to-be, send the five-member family into a frenzy. Kuku Saini’s best friend and brother-in-law Gurpreet (Maniesh Paul in a cameo), and Meera (Tisca Chpra in a cameo) add fuel to the fire.

The screenplay becomes too complicated after the crisis peaks in the second half. It takes a lot of effort to unravel the web of lies, uncertainties. This is where the balance act comes in.

Neetu is the only cast member who doesn’t rant and rave. Her performance is remarkable, especially when she realizes that her marriage may be at risk. She seems to be in a different universe amid all the chaos and ruminations.

Anil Kapoor, a man who takes everything for granted, is able to convey with equal ease a streak and moments of recklessness. As usual, the younger actors around him are challenged to keep up. For trying, full marks to Varun Dawan, Kiara Advani, and Prajakta Sharma.

These broad strokes are the trademark of this film and could be a great way to make it more appealing to certain segments of the public. However, don’t expect nuanced ideas to emerge from this battle of the sexes. It loses its way quickly in a maze. Jugjugg is a cinematic “treatise” on marriage. It’s worth watching. It might be entertaining. It’s not, however, very insightful.

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