Kashmir Boy Gets AIR 10 in NEET, Wants to Improve Healthcare in Valley

Driven by a sense of purpose, Haziq Parveez Lone decided as early as class 6 that he wanted to become a doctor. Years later, his dream is now being materialized as Haziq has managed to ace the medical entrance exam – NEET. With 710 marks out of 720,  the 18-year-old has managed to obtain an All India rank 10.

A resident of Kashmir, Haziq wants to study at the top medical college in India – AIIMS New Delhi, however, he wants to bring his academic knowledge and skills back to the valley. Talking to news18.com, he said, “I will go out and study but I want to settle back here and help bring world-class healthcare for people in Kashmir so they don’t have to travel for the facilities.”

“Kashmir needs more skilled and qualified doctors and I want to become one,” said the teenager.

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Hasiq has been training for NEET since class 11 while he was confident that he will crack the exam with over 700 marks and will be in the line of government colleges, AIR 10 still came as a surprise to him, told the student who would want either study neurology or pursue research after MBBS.

He claims that clarity on what and how to study has helped him in acing NEET. Talking about his preparation routine he said, “I prepared daily schedules for myself which allowed me to study in-deep and have flexibility. I used to wake up at 9 am and sleep at 1 pm. After attending school and coaching classes I would revise everything. For physics, I would do practice and for chemistry and biology, I would revise NCERT, and coaching notes and make my own content which I revised during the last 5-6 months. In the last six months, I also changed my routine and started waking up at 5 AM and would sleep around 10:30 PM.”

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To ensure that he is on the right track, Hasiq would attempt regular tests at coaching as well as participate in mock tests. After completing his board exams with JKBoSE by December, he devoted the last few months to mock tests and attempted one mock test daily. He then revised the test and work on his weak areas and prepare for the next day’s exam.

NEET is a test of time management and accuracy. To ensure that he completes the test on time and has no errors, he decided to attempt the same exam twice within three hours. “I used the first 1 hour and 10 minutes to give a fast round at exam and decide on answers. I did not mark answers on the OMR sheet at that time. In the remaining time, I took a second look at the questions and started filling the OMR sheet simultaneously. This ensured no mistake and re-evaluating questions.”

Advising his peers he said, “to prepare for NEETm one needs to do self-analysis prepare based on their strong and weak points. One has to see where they lack and get outside of their comfort zone. Time is precious and starting early and being consistent goes a long way.”

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