Quordle #149 is here: Today's clues and hints to find the answers of June 22 Quordle

Quordle #149 is here: Today’s clues and hints to find the answers of June 22 Quordle


The June 22 Quordle featured unusual words and more difficult rounds. This is also the time when many people are nearing their 100-day streak. It makes it more difficult to guess the correct words. These are the clues and hints you need to correctly guess Quordle149.

Quordle 149 had a new side. The June 22 Quordle had a higher difficulty level. Quordle difficulty was slightly lower than the weekend before, but Quordle’s number 149 on Tuesday was still more difficult than normal. Are you able to find the words?

Cordle is a word guessing game that uses a wider vocabulary than Wordle. It’s much more difficult to guess Quordle words with Wordle than it is with Cordle. This is what has made the game so popular. Quordle requires more brainstorming to find the right words and fill in the boxes correctly. With a few tweaks, the Rules of Quordle look almost identical.

Quordle can be a great way to improve your vocabulary. You can play it on your computer every day. You can improve your Quordle skills by practicing using the practice mode.

Quordle gives players nine chances to guess the words. The letter guessed will affect the color of the tile. If the guess is incorrect, it will turn grey. Yellow if your guess is correct. However, the position of the wrong color and green color should be your goal as this indicates that both the letter and the position you guessed are correct.

Quordle149 has more difficult rounds than the previous round, but it takes almost as long as round 150. Round 50 is a crucial round for many players who must be close to their 100-day streak. It makes it even more critical to make today’s words clear and continue their quest to a 100-day winning streak.

We have a list with clues for you if you still haven’t got the words. If you have the correct clues, you are already halfway there. However, the fourth word is the most difficult. It does not contain double letters and is not a common word.

What clues are there for Quordle 49?

Because the June 22 rounds are more difficult, it is important to focus on the clues and get the words right.
The words begin with C, C, and C.
Quordle 149’s ending letters are H, E, and D.
One definition of the first word is a large spiral shell.
The second word is to follow someone in order to catch up.
The third word refers to a large number of people gathered in one location in an unorganized manner.
The fourth word refers to a continuous rhythmic humming sound.
The noun for the first word is the synonym for the three last words, which is-

Word 2:

Word 3 – a Horde

Word 4- buzz

Can you now guess the words? Don’t fret if not. We have the answer for you.

Spoiler alert! Here are the answers to Quordle148. If you don’t want to know the answer, skip this section.

All ten words from June 22 Quordle –

  • Conch
  • Chase
  • Crowd
  • Thrum

Today’s Quordle’s Answers and Clues for Thursday, June 23

It’s a new day which means that Quordle is available to play. I have all the answers and clues for you, just in case.

If this is your first attempt at Quordle, you can start by typing words. There are four five-letter words you can guess, and nine attempts to find them. You can only play each of the four words simultaneously.

A letter that is in the correct place for one of the four words will light up green if it’s there. Yellow will be displayed if a word contains a letter that is not in the correct place. You can see whether a letter is in any of your guesses by clicking on it.

Here are some clues that will help you find today’s words if you have trouble finding them.

Quordle Clues For June 23

  1. Word 1 (top left) clue — nighttime device
  2. Word 2 (top left) clue — A collection of valuable items, such as data or treasure
  3. Word 3 (bottom left), clue — wreckage, seaweed
  4. Word 4 (bottom left) clue: Taylor Swift probably had yogurt at some point in her life.
  5. C is a common consonant in today’s world.
  6. One word can be used with the same letter more than once
  7. Today’s words begin with T, TW, and S

Quordle Clues For June 23

Be warned before I reveal today’s Quordleanswers.

More for you

Now that the dust has settled, here are the words:


When you have two words that contain the same letters as “trove” and “torch”, it’s a double-edged weapon. You’ll probably get the one you want, but it’s important to first find matching letters. Although today’s clue, which is Swift-themed, was a little too difficult for me to remember, I am determined to continue the quest.

June 23, Quordle Answer: Quordle words and hints, today’s Quordle Answer

You’re ready to go!

It doesn’t matter if you have passed the music spinoff Heardle or you’re proficient at the film version Framed beat.

Some describe it as “Wordle on steroids”, and the puzzle game is a tricky one that tests your ability to correctly guess four five-letter words simultaneously.

Here are some tips to help you play this mind-bending puzzle.

Holy Moly! I could have finished it in five minutes!
The top right

Daily Quordle 135
54https://t.co/hjmQZ2ydbB pic.twitter.com/AjBECrgLzn— Anant An Nan Deboor (@AnantDeboor) June 8, 2022

What Quordle is like Wordle? How to play

Wordle is also looking for five-letter words that work, but we don’t need just one word per day. We need four!

Instead of six attempts, you have nine chances to correctly guess the words and light those tiles.

The tile colors change color depending upon your answers, just like in the word game.

If the letter isn’t in the day’s words, you’ll receive a grey tile.

A yellow tile means that the letter is in a word, but it’s not in the correct place.

Finally, the tile will turn green when you place the correct letter at the right spot.

Cordle will display a word in each of the four answer boxes if you correctly guess it.

Because you can solve the puzzle in any sequence, it is important to keep your eyes focused on the tiles.

You could actually find the third and fourth words before you even crack the first.

Quordle tips & tricks

Similar to Wordle, the best way to increase your chances to solve the puzzle in the shortest time possible is to maximize how much information you have.

Try words that include many vowels, such as OUIJA, ADIEU or AUDIO to help you make better first guesses.

If you are not satisfied with your initial answers, try a different approach to get a better chance.

Daily Quordle 134
It took me forever to figure out 8. pic.twitter.com/clajQzUxZO— Ian Fraser (@ianfra5er) June 7, 2022

Quordle Hints June 23

We’ve provided subtle hints that will help you solve the puzzle of June 23, but we won’t give away the entire game.

Quordle hints

  • The first letter of the alphabet is T
  • This word only has one vowel
  • It’s a handy item that can be used in the dark.

Word two Quordle hints

  • The first letter of the alphabet is T
  • This word has two vowels
  • This is a place where valuable items can be stored

Wordle three Quordle Hints

  • The first letter of the alphabet is W
  • This word has one vowel
  • Consider: destruction or ruin

Quordle hints

  • The first letter of the alphabet is S
  • This word has one vowel, but it’s used twice.
  • This word would be used in the kitchen

Today’s Quordle Answer: June 23

We can save your misery if you’ve given up on the game today.

Those who are still struggling to get it right, don’t worry.

The June 23 Quordle is:


Quordle 150 Solutions Today: Know the Hints, Clues and Answers for 23 June 2022

Quordle 150 words of the day: Read to know the answers for 23 June 2022.

It’s finally time to solve Quordle 150 Words of the Day on Thursday 23 June 2022. The 150th edition of Quordle’s word game has been eagerly awaited by players. Wordle is a web-based word game similar to Quordle. It has been extremely popular around the world. To get high scores, people love to spend time solving the daily words. It’s an entertaining game.

We can help players solve Quordle 150 questions today. It is well-known that the word game can produce difficult or unusual terms. Because the odds of winning are very slim, players must help each other to solve the puzzles. Otherwise they won’t get the score. The hints are available for Thursday 23 June 2022.

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