Son of a Bangle Seller Cracks UPSC CSE, Becomes IAS Office

A native of Pune in Maharashtra, now an IAS officer Ramesh Gholap, has had a rough childhood, however, despite all the struggles, Gholap eventually proved his metal. His story has left many inspired, and have given courage to scores of people who are preparing for civil services or any competitive exam.

During his formative childhood years, Ramesh got diagnosed by polio in his left leg. Unfortunately, Ramesh’s father who use to selling bangles on the streets with his wife, could not afford proper medication for him. A few years later, Ramesh lost his father and after this the responsibility of Ramesh’s entire family fell on his mother.

His mother started selling bangles on the streets to make ends meet. Despite Ramesh having polio in his left leg, he used to sell bangles along with his mother and brother.

Amidst all the odds, Ramesh continued his focus on his studies. He completed his early education from his village near Pune. After this he went to his uncle’s village Barsi to complete his further studies.

Ramesh had secured 88.5 per cent marks in class 12th. After this, he did a diploma to become a teacher to share the responsibility of the house and started teaching as a teacher in a school in the village itself. Along with teaching, Ramesh did his B. a. (BA) degree also acquired. After becoming a teacher, Ramesh was able to support his family financially, but he had other plans for himself. Along with teaching, Ramesh did his B. a. (BA) degree.

Eventually, Ramesh, moved to to Pune and started preparing for UPSC without resorting to any coaching. For this, he also left the job for six months and started preparing for the exam with full hard work. In the year 2010, he gave the first attempt of UPSC, in which he could not succeed. After this his mother borrowed some money from the villagers and sent Ramesh to study, where he could study civil services. Finally, in the year 2012, Ramesh’s hard work paid off. Ramesh cleared the UPSC exam and secured the 287th rank and became an IAS officer under the disabled quota.

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