How to Blur Image in Photoshop Easy Steps

Hey, today we learn how you can Blur any image in Photoshop any Version we teach you simple steps to Blur anything such as Background, Face, Objects, etc.

so let’s start,

How to Blur Image in Photoshop

so let’s learn you can blur an Image in Photoshop

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Steps :

  • First Open your Photoshop (You can use any Photoshop version depending upon you)
How to Blur Image in Photoshop Easy Steps
  • Now click on the Open button and import your Photo in Photoshop
  • now in the Left layer section First unlock the image by Double-clicking on the Lock Icon and clicking on the ok button that helps you to edit the image more comfortably
  • now to make the whole image blur just simply click on Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur
  • Chose blur value that needs you to Blur the image

As you can see our whole image Blur that’s the way you can use to blur images easily if you have Still any query simply comment down below I try to solve all your all query regarding Photoshop tools.

Thanks 🙂

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