How to Change Twitch Name

Hey guys how’s it going you’re probably not going to respond to that anyway i’m pankaj here and today i’m going to show you how to change your name on or twitch (how to change twitch name) whatever you want to call it

now i’m making this because most of the tutorials i’ve made regarding to name change get a decent amount of views and i ‘ m also youtuber so we love the views and plus i have to change my name as well so it can’t get better than this i think unless i end up with like 10 views but that’s besides the point i’m going to show you two ways to do this one way is pretty simple straightforward the other method however is for the people that are having complications for whatever reason although i think i shouldn’t have any so i’ll just use method one myself so let’s hop onto the desktop

how to change twitch name (Method 1)

How to Change Twitch Name
How to Change Twitch Name

let’s get into it first things first open your internet browser because we’re gonna need that doesn’t matter what you use just make sure you’re on google or something and type in twitch

this should pop up with being the first result you want to go ahead and click there now that we’re here we’re going to have to go ahead and log in in the top right corner you should see a silver button here saying login or gray

next up go ahead type in your username and password this is going to be my username and just click on login

also make sure if you have 2fa enabled you’re going to get a code on your phone via sms or on your email depending on what you use to protect your account so since i’ve used the one for my phone i’m gonna go ahead and request the sms and i’m gonna have to write the code down here

when you’ve done it obviously click on submit already done that so um that’s why we’re on the home page and now i’m actually logged in so you should see your profile picture right here top right as well you’re gonna go ahead and go into settings and right here the first thing first page and profile you should see profile settings down here and it’s going to say username and this is it

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so what we want to do is not change our display name because here you can only customize the capitalization of your username as you can see here we’re actually going to click here on this little pencil on the right side as you can see here uh it’s going to say that username updates can be performed once every 60 days so about two months so make sure when you’re changing your twitch name to know that you cannot change it again for the next two months i’m gonna go ahead and type in my new username 

basically you’re only going to have to click update and your profile has been updated with your new username and of afcourse You cannot change it in two months now here with this you can mess with the capitalization of your display name which is a name that will appear if you’re on the twitch chat or on your profile

i’m just going to make sure that ace capital i’m gonna save changes and that’s it we’ve done it

that’s how to change your name on twitch first method the second method is a bit more complicated so let’s get right into it

how to change twitch name (Method 2)

so method 2 as i said it will involve contacting twitch support and it’s not going to be instant meaning you’re going to have to wait a day or even a couple of days for them to solve the issue that you’re having with your username

all right so we’ll get to this page contact us basically contacting twitch support

first things first you’re gonna have to fill in the blanks here so your name just type in your name your twitch username which is the twitch username you have right now

so that’s what you want to do for certain subcategories you’ll need to log in although i recommend logging in always so just click on the login button so once you log in the page changes so your name will be up here your twitch username and so on

let’s go ahead and move on to the categories so in the category department you want to make sure you select account login issues

next up we have sub categories and as you can see there is two different subcategories being changing username and changing the display name now i believe changing the display name is the part where you cannot change the capitalization of certain letters so that’s the subcategory you want to pick if you want to make something capital and you can’t but changing the username is changing your actual entire twitch name so if you want to do that make sure to click there

once you finish scrolling all the way down on the subject you want to type in whatever your problem is pretty much so just sum it up in short you know it’s a subject and in the description you want to describe your entire problem you have platform slash oc depending on what you use just select it so for me it’s website chrome

finally finish the captcha just click on submit after you submit the ticket your desktop should look something like this and yeah that’s pretty much it i hope you guys enjoyed the blog i hope it helped you out, Bye 🙂

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