How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Hey everyone this is pankaj from Blog Tech and today in the thi blo i’m gonna go ahead and show you how to tame a horse in Minecraft so let’s go ahead and jump in the blog right now 

so it’s very easy to go ahead and tame a horse in minecraft now the easiest way to go ahead and do it is to ride the horse now after a few times riding the horse you will develop a connection and you will see a bunch of hearts pop up and that’s when you’ll know the horse is tamed so to ride a horse in minecraft

just approach the horse so here is a horse in front of me i’m going to approach it and then i’m going to press l2 on my controller and i’m going to go ahead and jump on the horse’s back

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

so i’m on the horse’s back now now the first few times riding the horse they may like buck and bounce you off and that is fine go ahead and get back on the horse and try again and keep doing this until you develop a connection with the horse you will see a bunch of hearts

So i’m going to keep doing this now to get off the horse simply press o to dismount or the crouch button

Now when you finally tame the horse you can press the triangle button and open up the inventory and under here you can go ahead and put like horse armor on so here’s some diamond horse armor i can go ahead and put it on the horse right here and even a saddle so let’s put my saddle on here too so

i have a horse that has a saddle on it and it has armor on it so let’s get off

so boom i renamed the horse as well to ttt rrr so this is what a horse looks like with a salon so now i can go ahead and quickly ride the horse around and jump with it now a very easy way to tame the horse is by using a lead in a fence post or just building like a fence around horse

So i can’t escape so all you need is a fence post put it on the ground and then go ahead and get something called a lead now you may find these laying around it just looks like this it kind of looks like a rope or a string

but a little bit more thicker so just select it then go up to the horse and press l2 on it and you’ll be able to move the horse around with it and lead it around and then just press l2 on the fence post and it’ll connect it to the horse and then it’ll be very easy to tame and ride the horse because the horse will be right in front of you and it won’t be able to escape

so press l2 now i’m on the horse if you are riding it will break it so let’s get off of this horse so those are pretty much the basics of taming and riding the horse putting armor on putting the saddle on and leading it around if this blog did indeed help you guys out go ahead and leave it a comment down below for more tech help blog related minecraft follow our page.

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